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Tuesday 16 April 2013

Liz Elensky - Distractions (Prod. by Emanative)

Forthcoming on Home Planet Recordings on 22nd April

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Valentines gift for the weekend… Enjoy!

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Emanative soundrack short film for Prada - The Door by Ava Du Vernay

DEBUT: Miu Miu/Prada presents THE DOOR. A film directed by Ava Du Vernay. Starring Gabrielle, Adepero, Emayatzy, Goapele + Alfre. Featuring and opening with Emanative 'Turn Your Lights On' feat Ahu! P.S. Ava Du Vernay is the first African-American woman to win the Best Director prize at The Sundance Film Fest(2012)

Thursday 27 December 2012

Black Enchantment

Since it wasn't the end of the world after all, beam down some Black Enchantment:

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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Record Store Day 2012 Exclusive // Zara McFarlane VS Emanative // 7 inch

Lions Of Chiaroscuro Brownswood is very excited to anounce a limited edition 7” single by Zara McFarlane in celebration of Record Store Day 2012. The record features the track ‘More than Mine’ (taken from her critically acclaimed album “Until Tomorrow”). The flip ‘Lions of Chiaroscuro’ is a mash up of Steve Reid’s classic ‘Lions of Judah’ and Zara’s ‘Chiaroscuro’, as re-created by futuristic jazztronica act Emanative for Gilles Peterson’s charity The Steve Reid Foundation which aims to assist ailing musicians. “More Than Mine” begins with Peter Edwards’ brooding piano, soon joined by Zara, who conjures a dejected image of herself, as she compares herself to another woman. As the song develops, Zara’s graceful vocals subside and Edwards’ understated and soothing piano is joined by Binker Golding’s tenor saxophone. The rousing melee of brass seems to buoy Zara, and a renewed confidence ensues as she begins to mock her rival, turning the song from one of lament, to one of celebration. The B side of the single ‘Lions of Chiaroscuro’ begins with Zara’s soft vocals and is soon carried by animated organ riffs and Nick Woodmansey’s untamed drumming – doing justice to Reid’s original work. As trumpet – by Ahmed Abdullah (the composer of the track who also played on the original version), is introduced and actuated by the organ, adding to the verve of the song, all held together by Zara’s vocals. Produced by Emanative, this track is exclusive to this 7” and is as much an experiment in sound as it is an ode to Steve Reid, who continues to inspire a new generation of Jazz musicians. This release is extremely limited, and available only on Saturday 21st April at all reputable record emporiums Worldwide! All proceeds from the sale of this 7” will be donated to the Steve Reid Foundation.

Friday 3 February 2012

New Track :: Spacebeats Supreme :: Bandcamp

A little something found drifting & floating in Space...

The Tribe:

Ben Hadwen ~ Flute
Nick Haward ~ Upright Bass
Jessica Lauren ~ Clavinet, Arp Strings, Moog, Rhodes
Nick Woodmansey ~ Beats & all other(worldly) Production

Artwork: (c)2009GenePendon

Home Planet Recordings

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Emanative Electric Mix for Mary Anne Hobbs - Xfm 14/01/2012

In the mix for John Kennedy sitting in for Mary Anne Hobbs - Xfm 14/01/2012  

Gilles Peterson Worldwide Vol.3 No. 4 // Steve Reid Tribute w/ Kieron Hebden

Gilles Peterson Worldwide Vol.3 No. // SteveReid Tribute w/ Kieron Hebden

This is where I first heard talk of The Steve Reid Foundation, before Gilles Peterson ever mentioned his marathon run in it's aid. But I think this might have been the first time I ever thought about contributing to it...

As an admirer of this music and era, I def highly recommend this. Listen up!

Technical Perfection, Sun Ra & Inspiration

"As far as his own Saturn label is concerned, impure sounding inserts, unbalanced volume control, production produced scratches, acoustical feedback, eternal grooves, tape murmuring and loudspeaker buzzing are integral to this concept of the creative. Our Western attitude to listening is a fixation and we are shocked, angered or disappointed when we listen to these technically unconventional records. Yet a technically inferior product becomes a profound listening experience when one ceases to regard technical perfection as the only valid prerequisite for musical quality. Oriental, Asian and African cultures have never placed technical quality above the inner quality of music, as evidenced by the credibility of their products. In Western civilisation, technical perfection makes up for a lack of substance. "Luxuriously" recorded music creates a good impression and most record companies proclaim this pleasant but boring and stratified sound as necessary, and the only thing worth using. The result is that a form of compulsory acoustic perfection is then driven into the listener. In other words, if we want to hear Sun Ra we must get used to unconventional recording practices, for better or worse. I would prefer to classify this 'original' production strategy as a way to circumvent a world that relies on technical perfection - a world that endlessly proves that it cannot keep the promises it makes."

Liner notes from Second Star To The Right - Sun Ra
by the author of Omniverse Sun Ra