Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Space In Veda (Emanative Dub Ra Mix)

Futuristica Music: FMCD009


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"Nick Woodmansey's Emanative project has surpassed all our expectations with glowing reviews and huge critical acclaim so we thought we'd better give you some new, unreleased and remixed tracks as a thank you. This is actually like a new studio album as the remixes are by friends & family who really understand the thinking behind the whole Emanative approach whilst lending their own unique musical viewpoint to proceedings.

We have included some new recordings with special guests and exclusive unreleased versions of tracks that all combine to produce a beautiful second album. Nick has again worked with the excellent Jessica Lauren, Ben Hadwen, 'Level' Neville Malcolm and vocalists Heidi Vogel, Deborah Jordan & Liz Elensky to create that deep, space Jazz that we have come to expect from this great producer/drummer Nick Woodmansey.

Remixes come from a truly diverse spectrum of amazing music makers - Marc Rapson, Soundspecies, Wachuku, Kay Suzuki, Jazz Chronicles, K15 & Scrimshire.

With this album Emanative's 'Time & Space' is complete."

01 Lights On/Off
02 Eastern Orbit
03 Wind, Sand & Stars (Jazz Chronicles remix)
04 When On Earth (Marc Rapson remix)
05 Turn Your Lights On (feat Ahu)
06 Illusions (Scrimshire remix)
07 Find You (feat Matthew Halsall)
08 Space In Veda (Emanative Dub Ra mix)
09 We Travel The Spacebeats (Soiundspecies remix)
10 Naima
11 Space In Veda (K15's Karmaceutical mix)
12 Illusions (Kay Suzuki remix)
13 When On Earth (Wahchuku Mtronik Bassled dub)

And something to note for the diary (more info coming soon)

WAH WAH LIVE presents...
Time & Space: May 13th @ Favela Chic