Thursday, 28 August 2008

remixes >>>>>soon

working on two emanative remixes this wk!! having a ball with them too. now the album is done and dusted and i've had a couple of wks to chill and catch up on some very necessary's nice to sink my teeth into some fresh music, the mixes are both SO different (ain't gonna tell ya 4 whom yet neither!)

The first has some nice and up-tempo jazz dance funkiness, but in an emanative stylee! slightly latin, a tad funk, and very jazz.

...the second is deffo on a downtempo jazz hip-hop tip (at the mo' anyways? we'll see)i'm equally excited about both mixes.

I had a chance to put down some live drums to tape for one of dem whilst recording for "When On Earth"....soon come (7" out sept!)
the other I'd already done some time ago...jazz bop hip-hop slow and low brushes!
tempted to mention the vocalists........(but, i'll hold back in case i'm the only mutha who digs the tracks?)

Getting some nice plays with Turn Your Lights On I noticed today! Brother Scrimshire said in his podcast that it was maybe his fave tune of the year....what a dude!
He said that to me himself , but I thought he was just being polite?
Simon Harrison added it to his Nu-World mix 45! e.t.c.----------------
Very Nice!

the Petite Planete e.p. with all the good mixes/versions, will be up on i-tunes soon. think it's up already elsewhere?

All good...back to my mixes......