Sunday, 24 August 2008

When On Earth - Futuristica 45's

The Emanative single When On Earth is now in manufacture!
It's coming out end of Sept on a funky little Futuristica Music 45.

a.) when on earth (vocal)
b.) when on earth (inst.)

There's some other good tracks in the Futuristica 7" series coming out soon too, like Replife's - Put It Down feat Kissey Asplund (Domu Mix) with my fave RU Ready on the flip, which was produced by Marc Rapson. (seriously digging anything Marc gets his paws on! He's going to be doing a mix of When On Earth for me:))
Then there's Mr Beatnick's The Fourth Day (???think that was the title?) which I heard at CD-R, Plastic People... vey nice! Hopefully his Fog On The Runway is on the B-side? (Just my wishful thinking!)Also dig anything Nick gets his mitts on!
Two of my personal fave producers of the mo' no doubt?

Listen here